1. Availability

My blog is not a webshop, direct shopping is not possible. However, available bows will be listed in this category. Further information on each bow can be requested in comments.

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7 thoughts on “1. Availability
  1. Hendrick van der Heyden

    Hello Sir
    I see in your available section you have the Török szarus íj 57# -Turkish horn bow 57# that was posted on 10/27/2017. Is this bow still available ? If so , what is the cost of this bow and do you ship to the United States ? Is this particular bow used or have you had it in inventory since 10/27/2017. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to your response.

    Hendrick van der Heyden

  2. Roman

    Dear Master!
    I so Your bows in Szeged and like to get such for me.
    I’m from Russia, Moscow. Tomorrow I will go back to Russia. Is it possible to get bow from You and how do it?

  3. T. Bachmann

    I am interested to buy a composite bow from you. Do you have a bow available? If yes, how much does it cost. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
    T. Bachmann


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