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Magyar horn bow 55#.

Magyar horn bow 55#. Buffalo horn, ash core, horse sinew. Ears and grip covered by horn and goat skin. Birch bark covering, shellac finish. Max draw lenght: 29-30″ The bow is available.

Update: the bow is sold.

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Turkish horn bow 55-60#

55-60#-28″, ash core, buffalo horn, horse sinew. Goat skin covering. Max draw-length: 31-32″. Update: The bow is sold.

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Tatár és magyar íjak készülőben / Tatar and Magyar bows in seasoning….

Tatar horn bow
Magyar horn bows

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Magyar 52#


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Magyar horn bow 50#

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Magyar szarus íj / Magyar horn bow 58#-28″

I have just completed this Magyar horn bow. 58#-28″ 147cm tip to tip, max draw length: 31ˇ”
Ash core, buffalo horn, horse sinew. Birch bark and goat raw hide cover. Ears and grip covered by bone plates. Shellac finish.
The bow is available. Sorry, the bow is sold.

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Új magyar íjak / New Magyar bows.

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Those waiting for available bows:  Actually I am working on so many pre-ordered bows that I have no time to build any other bow. Please if you want a bow from me make your order and do not wait for available bows in this topic.

I am not complaining of course:)



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Krimi tatár íj vizsgálat – Study of a Crimean Tatar bow

Török tegez – Turkish quiver

A tegez elkészült, íme:

The quiver has been completed, here you are:

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